HPC Outreach Activities at KAUST

Samar Aseeri, KAUST

As a mathematician trained in supercomputing, I always had this dream of delivering scientific lectures to the public in an exciting way that captured minds and kept them interested to the end. Continue reading “HPC Outreach Activities at KAUST”

The STEMcoding project: Keep it simple, keep it fun

Christopher Orban

Computer science initiatives like code.org and the hour of code have made great progress in increasing the numbers and the diversity of students taking the AP computer science exam. But despite this revolution in computer science education, high school STEM courses like physics, chemistry and other subjects are typically still taught without integrating computation. Continue reading “The STEMcoding project: Keep it simple, keep it fun”

Performing outreach at EPCC – our experience

Mario Antonioletti, EPCC

EPCC, at the University of Edinbugh, commenced its outreach involvement with it’s attendance of the British Science Festival in 2012. Our aim was to promote and demistify what supercomputers are and how they are typically used to a general audience regardless of their age. Continue reading “Performing outreach at EPCC – our experience”

HPC Outreach: There is not a moment to lose

Nick Brown, EPCC
“There is not a moment to lose”

I don’t know if you have ever read any of the Aubrey-Maturin books by the late Patrick O’Brian, set at the turn of the 18thto 19thCentury and describing life in the Royal Navy. Even if you have only flicked through one of the books, you will probably have picked up an almost constant sense of urgency and this is a realistic representation of what pervaded through the navy at that time – in the books much to the annoyance of the decidedly un-navy like Dr Maturin! Continue reading “HPC Outreach: There is not a moment to lose”