HPC Carpentry: Important step forward in HPC training

Maciej Cytowski, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

If you’ve been ever involved in High Performance Computing training as a trainer or as a participant, then you are probably familiar with main challenges we meet. How to address the broad range of learners experience? How to make the materials more accessible to different groups of researchers? How to include multiple hands-on exercises within a limited time frame? Continue reading “HPC Carpentry: Important step forward in HPC training”

HPC Outreach Activities at KAUST

Samar Aseeri, KAUST

As a mathematician trained in supercomputing, I always had this dream of delivering scientific lectures to the public in an exciting way that captured minds and kept them interested to the end. Continue reading “HPC Outreach Activities at KAUST”

The STEMcoding project: Keep it simple, keep it fun

Christopher Orban

Computer science initiatives like code.org and the hour of code have made great progress in increasing the numbers and the diversity of students taking the AP computer science exam. But despite this revolution in computer science education, high school STEM courses like physics, chemistry and other subjects are typically still taught without integrating computation. Continue reading “The STEMcoding project: Keep it simple, keep it fun”

Summary of the ISC 2018 BoF on HPC Education

Benson Muite, University of Tartu

ISC 2018 BoF on HPC Education: Widening Participation and Increasing Skills through Contests, Challenges and Extra Curricular Learning

This BoF had 4 main speakers, Victor Sande, Matthew Curry, Maciej Szpindler and David McLeod and was moderated by Alexander Ditter. Slides from the presentations can be found here.

Continue reading “Summary of the ISC 2018 BoF on HPC Education”

HPC Certification Program

Julian Kunkel

Why it’s needed?

The HPC community has always considered the training of new and existing HPC practitioners to be of high importance to its growth. The significance of training will increase even further in the era of Exascale when HPC encompasses even more scientific disciplines. Continue reading “HPC Certification Program”