News from the Workshop Committee

Nitin Sukhija

The SIGHPC Workshop Committee has its mission promoting the interest in and knowledge of applications of High Performance Computing (HPC) by organizing, coordinating and managing in-person and virtual events and workshops. We are actively engaged in fostering collaborations between all HPC Community members at all education levels in the scientific and big data applications domain, and in facilitating a global forum for HPC and non-HPC members interaction, and in promoting opportunities for members to expand their knowledge of high performance computing.

Our committee is seeking motivated members from the computing community to help us:

1)   accelerate global collaborations and global membership diversity of the chapter by enhancing and leading exciting new HPC training and education initiatives worldwide in multitude of domains, such as Big Data, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and more.

2)   efficiently and effectively engage HPC practitioners and professionals from all age levels to extend further the outreach of the SIGHPC Education Chapter and to facilitate development of more training and educational programs for both HPC and non-HPC members at all stages of their education and career development.

Few of our recent efforts involve:


If you are HPC stakeholder interested in addressing challenges with effectiveness of HPC education and training materials and promoting collaborations among HPC educators, trainers and users, please join our committee for furthering the above-mentioned efforts!


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