News from the Computational Science Education Committee

Maciej Cytowski, The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

The most important goal of the SIGHPC Computational Science Education Committee is to provide a high quality and open communication platform for educators, lecturers and HPC professionals. Most of the activities are organised around sharing experiences, expectations, challenges and ideas related to various computational science educational activities. We organise monthly virtual meetings to look at available resources of computational science education content, to discuss new formats of education and training, to propose and get involved in joint webinars, conference workshops and Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs).

As an example of our recent activities, we are organising a BoF session “HPC Education: Widening Participation and Increasing Skills through Contests, Challenges and Extra Curricular Learning” during the ISC 2018 Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, June 26th. More information about the session can be found here.We are also involved in the preparation of workshops for the upcoming international conferences.

The committee is open to everyone from the computational science education community. In fact, current committee members are involved in various levels of computational science education and represent different scientific computing disciplines. This special mix of competencies not only allows us to understand the needs and challenges we – as a community – face,  but also gives us the opportunity to share and explore many unique ideas.

If you are planning a new computational science curriculum, a new teaching or training course or a hackathon, or simply want to improve materials you currently use, or are willing to share your experiences and ideas…. please consider joining our committee!!! 

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