Working to Create a Knowledgeable Workforce

The SIGHPC education chapter is seeking to build a community of educators and professionals that recognize the need for a workforce with skills in modeling and simulation, data analysis, and visualization to address pressing problems in science, engineering, social sciences, and humanities. There are potentially many pathways to that expertise: through formal courses and programs at our universities, through the training efforts of government sponsored projects across a wide range of agencies and departments, through the training efforts of community organizations, and through a variety of self-pace online materials.

The chapter hopes to bring attention to all of these opportunities by sponsoring a number of activities. Our seminar series features webinars by education and training leaders from both academic and non-academic institutions. They detail their own experiences and activities in building education and training programs for those seeking expertise across a wide variety of computational science topics. Those webinars are broadcast live using Google Hangouts on Air and are recorded for later viewing on YouTube.

Our resources links provided on the SIGHPC Education web pages ( point to a variety of educational models, exercises, and course materials and to a list of available training modules, webinar recordings, and lecture materials on a wide range of technical topics. We have established a review mechanism for adding to this list of resources and welcome suggestions for other materials to review and add to the list.

The forums associated with this site should provide another way for the community to engage in discussions about education and training activities, strategies, and examples that contribute to the mission of the chapter. Please take the time to register for the forums and participate in those discussions.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for other chapter sponsored activities that will contribute to our education and training mission.

Steven Gordon

Author: SteveG

Dr. Gordon is currently the chair of the SIGHPC Education chapter and the lead for the XSEDE project education program. He is also the Senior Education Lead at the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

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