HPC Resource Links

Getting Started

Resource NameType
Oklahoma University Center for Education and ResearchWorkshops
Software Carpentry: Basic Skills for Research ComputingWeb training
Basics - Supercomputing PortalRepository and Links
ARCHER-UK National Supercomputing Service Online TrainingRepository


Resource NameType
U Illinois Computational Science and EngineeringWorkshops
Software Carpentry - Basic Skills for Research ComputingWeb Training
Data CarpentryWeb Training
HPC CarpentryWeb Training
MIT LLSC-Supercloud Teaching ExamplesHands-on Examples in Jupyter Notebooks
HPC Univeristy Training ResourcesRepository of resources
XSEDE Online Training CatalogRepository

Novice and Intermediate

Resource NameType
MPI TutorialTutorial
VISIT Visualization TutorialTutorial
Paraview Visualization TutorialTutorial
parallel Matlab-parallelOctaveTutorial
2016 Argonne Training Program on Extreme Computing -ATPESCTutorial
Supercomputing Portal -BasicsRepository and Links
Supercomputing Portal - DevelopmentRepository and Links
Supercomputing Portal - DebuggingRepository and Links
Supercomputing Portal - VisualizationRepository and Links
CINECA-SCAI Online TrainingRepository
CINECA-SCAI Training SlidesRepository
ARCHER-UK National Supercomputing Service Virtual TutorialsRepository
ARCHER-UK National Supercomputing Service Online TrainingRepository
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre User Training MaterialRepository
Petasale Education Modules CatalogRepository
Petasale Education Modules - UndergraduateRepository
Code Vault for HPC Code SamplesRepository
Introduction to VisualizationRepository
Open Encyclopedia of Parallel Algorithmic FeaturesTextbook

Intermediate and Advanced

Resource NameType
NERSC Online TutorialsTutorial
Large Data VisualizationTutorial
HPC Textbook and Parallel Programming BookBook
Parallel Programming in MPI and OpenMPBook
Programming on Parallel MachinesTextbook