Outreach Committee

Committee Description

The outreach committee will be responsible for arranging and promoting a variety of communications mechanisms for the Chapter. This will include promotion of workshops via the Chapter website, email, social media, and other communications outlets. The committee will also seek volunteers to provide webinars on a variety of HPC education and training topics, posts to the Chapter blog, presentations at professional meetings, and short videos on training topics.

The committee will also set policies for the distribution of notices and opportunities on various media and provide guidance to the community on how to effectively use the communications channels to promote HPC training and education efforts.

Short Term Goals
  1. Continue and expand the webinar program
  2. Actively seek contributors to post summaries of their training and education efforts to the Chapter blog.
  3. Recruit volunteers to manage social media outlets.
  4. Maintain the chapter website
  5. Provide promotional materials to be used a conferences and workshops
Long Term Goals
  1. Create policies for reviewing and distributing information about the Chapter activities and opportunities for the community at large.
  2. Provide guidance to the community on how to use our communications channels.
  3. Solicit short videos highlighting training opportunities and “how-to” tips that solve typical HPC problems.
  4. Promote the long term efforts of the Chapter and the other standing committees.

Current Projects

  1. Ongoing updates to the chapter website and blog
  2. Creating and distributing a quarterly newsletter
  3. Hosting a variety of webinars on behalf of the other committees
  4. Publicizing the education and training activites of the chapter as well as other, related organizations