Computational Science Education Committee

Committee Description

This committee will be responsible to develop strategies to incorporate and/or enhance computational science education at all levels of education.

The committee will explore education programs and instructional materials for computational and data science across the curriculum. The committee will also explore programs involving students in computational science R&D activities (e.g. through internships, summer schools or hackathon events). There will need to be close coordination among the sub-committees, as curricular materials will often easily benefit multiple education levels, and students may often times be on an accelerated path of learning beyond their “current grade level”.

Short Term Goals
  1. Provide people with access to existing competencies for computational and data-enabled science,
  2. Provide people with access to the latest information on computational science programs, student internships and various events (e.g. summer schools, hackathon events) that are in place, as a source of information.
  3. Seek contributors to share information about their programs and plans via the SIGHPC learning repository.
  4. Actively seek people to talk about the challenges and opportunities for developing programs via conference calls and webinars.
Long Term Goals
  1. Launch a survey to update the list of computational programs world-wide with their content classification.
  2. Foster the exchange of curricular materials between programs.
  3. Explore opportunities to expand the set of competencies.
  4. Propose workshops for upcoming conferences (world-wide) with working sessions to achieve some of the above goals

Current Projects

  1. Sponsoring webinars on teaching computational science in various disciplines
  2. Gathering instructional materials on computational science to share with the community