About the Chapter

The SIGHPC Education chapter has as its purpose the promotion of interest in and knowledge of applications of High Performance Computing (HPC) and computational science. Join us in our efforts to promote computational science and HPC training and education by:

  • Participating in our webinars and workshops, highlighted on our events pages
  • Volunteer to work with one of our standing committees to provide leadership and coordination of events, training and education activities and resources for the community
  • Use our pointers to training and education materials to find resources that help to update your skills and knowledge
  • Learn from and contribute to our blog on computational science education and training

Our goals

  • Promote an increased knowledge of, and greater interest in, the educational and scientific aspects of HPC and their applications.
  • Provide a means of communication among individuals having an interest in education and career building activities relating to HPC and computational science.
  • Promote and collate education activities and programs through formal and informal education and training activities.
  • Provide guidance to the community on the competencies required for effective application of computational modeling, simulation, data analysis, and visualization techniques.
  • Provide information on quality educational programs and materials as will as facilitating experience building access to existing HPC resources.

To encourage worldwide membership, SIGHPC Education is a virtual chapter and will offer various ways for members to participate in learning activities over the Internet.

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