The Supercomputing and Robotics with NVIDIA Xavier Workshop in Marrakech Dec 2018

By Frank Domoney

Professor Mousannif and I ran a six-day workshop covering the essential skills to build a highly automated factory. Digital Twinning of Future Smart Factories will require enormous amounts of computing capacity (see this article for more details) that successfully integrates Supercomputing and the Robotics stream of the European definition of Artificial Intelligence.

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Workshop: GROMACS in Riga

Benson Muite, University of Tartu

GROMACS is a free and open source parallel molecular dynamics software. It is used by a wide variety of people, particularly for biomolecular and chemistry simulations. It is one of the most efficient open source molecular dynamics packages with a strong community influenced development model and a wide userbase. Continue reading “Workshop: GROMACS in Riga”

Containers for bioinformatics: a hands-on workshop

Brian Skjerven and Marco De La Pierre, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

In the past year, staff at the Pawsey supercomputing centre in Perth, Australia, have been investigating the deployment of containers on HPC resources to address several major issues researchers face when migrating workflows to HPC: complex software stacks and dependencies, cross-platform portability, reproducibility of results, and difficulties in collaboration. A solution has been devised, which involves a combination of Docker and Shifter container engines, where the former allows building as well as deployment on cloud systems, and the latter deployment on HPC clusters. Continue reading “Containers for bioinformatics: a hands-on workshop”

Workforce, Education, and Training at SC16

If you are attending SC16 in Salt Lake City, you will find a number of workshops, Birds of a Feather (BOF), and technical sessions relating to workforce, education, and training topics.  We have assembled a list of those sessions as a guide to those who are interested in those topics.  Of course we especially would like you to attend our chapter BOF on Tuesday November 15th at 12:15 PM where we will lead a discussion about the education and training issues important to you, and ask for your feedback in shaping future chapter activities. Continue reading “Workforce, Education, and Training at SC16”