We Need to Talk—About Software

By David E. Bernholdt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, for the IDEAS Productivity Project

In high-performance computing (HPC) we talk a lot about hardware. In computational science and engineering (CSE), we talk a lot about the scientific discoveries and results. But the software that allows us to get those results? Not so much. Continue reading “We Need to Talk—About Software”

Submissions wanted for the SIGHPC Education Resources Clearinghouse!

As a service to the HPC community and in an effort to help with dissemination of high quality educational materials, SIGHPC Education Chapter has established a clearinghouse of links at:


Continue reading “Submissions wanted for the SIGHPC Education Resources Clearinghouse!”

Working to Create a Knowledgeable Workforce

The SIGHPC education chapter is seeking to build a community of educators and professionals that recognize the need for a workforce with skills in modeling and simulation, data analysis, and visualization to address pressing problems in science, engineering, social sciences, and humanities. Continue reading “Working to Create a Knowledgeable Workforce”